We have been recruiting experienced management consultants for line and staff functions for our clients under the Up & Out brand since 2015.

Who can benefit from our services?

Basically, any company seeking to recruit (former) consultants from top strategy consultancies and renowned boutiques for a staff or line function. Our clients are usually looking for generalists in the areas of corporate development, strategy and project management or for specialists with specific industry or functional expertise to fill specialist and management positions. However, we will also be happy to break new ground with you at any time on request.

What specific services do we offer?

The one-off or regular placement of suitable candidates for your vacancy by marketing your opportunity within our in-house “Pool of Excellence”. It is predominantly staffed with Grad Hunting alumni that we maintain long-term personal relationships with. You benefit from this in multiple ways compared to a conventional approach in the open market:

  We can accurately assess the candidate’s suitability and personal fitness, because he or she has “matured professionally under our eyes”. Your risk of a misplacement is thus drastically reduced.

  The change to your company is carefully considered and the result of well thought-out career planning. Based on experience, this has a positive effect on the performance and retention time of your new employee.

  The time needed to fill your vacancy is short, because all our candidates are in the phase of their exit planning and are therefore ready to move on.

What profiles can we recruit?

We are usually asked for (former) consultants who have worked several years for a top strategy consultancy or a renowned boutique up to the time of their “exit” and have successfully completed all the necessary career steps in the prescribed time.

The “classics” are senior consultants with 2-4 years of professional experience and project managers with 5-7 years of professional experience. However, we are guided by your requirements profile.

What distinguishes us from other recruiters?

We stand out by the exceptional quality standards derived from our philosophy and our personal backgrounds.

How do you stand to benefit in the area of Up & Out?

We do not respond to job advertisements or send unsolicited profiles. Instead, we maintain long-term business relationships with our customers and view ourselves as their “extended arm” in the recruiting process. Our own consulting background, personal experience in corporate HR and long-standing candidate relationships enable us to provide you with optimum support in filling your vacancies.