We have been recruiting highly qualified newcomers and young professionals with up to 5 years of professional experience for entry into consulting and advisory-related positions under the GradHunting brand for our clients since 2012.

Who can benefit from our services?

Basically, any company seeking to recruit top profiles with up to 5 years of professional experience for management positions. These are usually small, medium-sized or large consulting firms or corporate staff departments that tend to work in the areas of corporate development, project management or executive assistance. However, we will also be happy to break new ground with you at any time on request.

What specific services do we offer?

The initial situations and challenges of our customers in the field of High Potential Recruitment are manifold. For that reason, we do not work according to a “scheme”, but rather design an individual procurement approach for each customer after extensive situational analysis, so we can recruit the desired profiles sustainably.

As a rule, our measures pursue one or more of the following objectives:

Broad-based recruiting

We address the relevant target group comprehensively through a broad-based active sourcing campaign

Recruiting at the top

Top profiles in the relevant target group are skimmed off our in-house mentoring program

Recruiting in special cases

Recruitment of individual profiles with particularly complex requirements


  For boutique consultancies, we use active sourcing, including our own pre-assessment, to acquire a fixed number of candidates per profile every month for the client selection process. That way, a continuous pipeline for the corresponding profile is guaranteed, regardless of the number and quality of direct applications.

  For top-tier management consultancies, we continuously and selectively recruit candidates for a particular specialist profile at a selected location from our in-house mentoring pool.

  For corporate strategy departments, we take over the entire pipeline management for consultants and project managers, i.e. successors are available when terminations or internal changes occur.

Which profiles can we recruit?

We are usually asked for Master’s graduates or young professionals who belong to the top 10-20% of their graduation year. They must also have acquired initial top-class practical experience, spent some time abroad and speak at least one foreign language. We are guided by our client’s requirements profile.

What distinguishes us from other recruiters?

We stand out by the exceptional quality standards derived from our philosophy and our personal backgrounds.

How do you stand to benefit in the area of GradHunting?

We know our mentoring candidates personally and accompany them over an extended period of time, until they start their careers, and even beyond in the case of young professionals. As a result, a personal relationship of trust develops, which can help us position you as an attractive employer. GradHunting gives you access to profiles that you would not be able to access on your own. The mentoring approach means that every application is the result of a well thought-out cognitive process, and is therefore intrinsically motivated. This is reflected in exceptionally high offer and acceptance rates.