We have been recruiting certified supervisory boards for our clients under the Fürstenberg BOARD Services* brand since 2016. The combination of in-house training, certification by a renowned university and placement is unique in Germany.

Who can benefit from our services?

Companies seeking suitable staffing and professional qualification of their supervisory board and specially trained candidates.

What specific services do we offer?

We view ourselves as an intermediary between companies seeking to staff their supervisory boards with suitable, competent individuals who are qualified as supervisory board members, or have already held supervisory board positions, to exercise demanding mandates.

Our supervisory board training includes tailor-made course formats – from one-day courses and compact courses lasting several days to demanding certification courses with university certificates entitling the holder to the title of “Certified Member of the Supervisory Board (m/f) (Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin)”:

We offer face-to-face courses with a limited number of participants for individuals at the highest professional level and with nationally renowned lecturers.

All the course formats are also available as in-house training for companies, trade associations and other associations and public participation management.

There are good reasons for certification by a state-recognized university. It confirms the proven professional competence of your future mandate holder. Well-known insurers rate this proof of qualification so highly that they grant the graduates of our courses, and sometimes even their companies, special rates for D&O insurance.

We only place graduates from our own courses. Therefore, the same applies here as to all the Fürstenberg HR brands: the profiles we offer are hand-picked. We know our graduates and the members of our network personally from long, individual mentoring relationships, to the effect that can put our stakes on them. The graduates include entrepreneurs, CEOs and business executives seeking to take on supervisory mandates, or who are already mandate holders.

What distinguishes us from other recruiters?

We stand out by the exceptional quality standards derived from our philosophy and our personal backgrounds.

How do you stand to benefit in the area of BOARD Services?

The fact that we train our candidates ourselves and spend a multitude of hours with them enables us to assess their personal and professional suitability much better than a conventional mediator. The certificate of a state-recognized university provides additional reliability. We believe this to be the best possible approach for the placement of qualified supervisory board members.

More information

*vonFürstenberg BOARD Services is an independent company within the “vonFürstenberg HR” group acting for its own account.